The Pink House

You know, all the stories that I tell in this blog are true. The whole idea here is to share my experiences, lessons and advice based on first hand accounts. I really really wish I was making this next one up. I mean, it’s just bad.

So, years ago a friend of mine was describing her parents’ house. She had said that her mom decorated the whole place around a set of china that she liked. OK, I believe in a starting-off point and why not use a china pattern? This particular pattern had pink tulips on green stems. The china itself was bone-colored and the plates were octagonal instead of round. The thing was, the idea just went horribly wrong. The one thing that her mom focused on was the color pink. Circa 1987 Dusty Rose, to be more specific. The worst part about it was that pink was the only thing that was focused on.

So, the walls were pink. As was the upholstery. The formica (yes, formica.) The leather chairs. The built-in cabinets. The sheets, the vases, the lamps, the drapes and even… wait for it… the felt on the pool table.

As if this wasn’t bad enough to do this to the entire inside of the house, they slapped that color outside too! They chose pink stucco for the exterior and pink gravel in the driveway!

Nightmare. Horrors. It was like someone sprayed their entire world with Pepto-Bismol.

Now, you may ask why would I share this story? Mainly as an extreme example and cautionary tale. Most people would not do this to a home (thank God.)

What could and should have been done is mixing it up! If she liked pink so much, great, use pink. But, use some other colors to support and accent the pink! For example:

For a natural look pink, pale green and pale orange look wonderful together and give a great balance of warm and cool tones.

Something different? Pink, Orange and a neutral. You can use a pattern to get a bold idea across and since you have neutrals here, the pink (used in only 25% of the scheme) actually stands out more than if everything was the same color!

How about a chic room done in chocolate brown, white and neutrals and a bold splash of pink? The eye goes directly to the pink, right?

Here’s the same idea in a little girl’s bedroom. There is no need to automatically paint the walls pink. Why not a sophisticated brown, with pink accessories? Far more unexpected and interesting.

My point here is not that I hate pink. Actually, used well it can be a lot of fun in the house! What I hate is monotony. Using one color everywhere is just not interesting. Mix it up a little! Try a different color combination or idea. If you’re stuck on which ones would work best, call me.

Oh, and if you happen to be in an all pink house that sounds like the one described here, run! The owner might bathe you in something pink before you know it.

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