Edible Decorating

Want a fun and economical way to add accessories to your room? The idea of using food as a decorative piece has evolved since the days of dutch paintings with women pouring water into a basin. Food is a very seasonal item that can instantly add interest to your room without breaking the bank!

Thanksgiving, the holiday that is centered around food itself, has a million options for using food as decor. Centerpieces, table arrangements and place card holders are all opportunities to use different edible items in your decorations.

How about Acorn Napkin Rings?

...or a simple and elegant Autumn centerpiece?

When Christmas rolls around, we’ve all seen beautiful Gingerbread Houses and handmade ornaments made of cookies, but how about something different?

Cranberries, Lemon and Rosemary Arrangement

Lemons with Cloves on a Bed of Fir

Looking for a fun way to decorate your cocktail party?

Cotton Candy in Martini Glasses

You can also use food along with flowers to make an arrangement. Adding lime slices to a clear vase hides the stems and adds visual interest to what would have been negative space!

In using food in your decor, you are stimulating several senses at once. Of course, it should look wonderful, and a lot of times, it will smell great as well. What you are also doing is hitting on the sense memory in the taste buds of your guests – giving them an invisible appetizer, if you will. Placing food in a room creates a warmer environment in a variety of ways. It will make your guests feel cared for and welcome.

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