Your Design Concept

This is one of those things that Designers learn in school that when applied makes all the difference. Well, I’m about to spill the beans on this trade secret, and make your home look all the better for it.

A Design Concept is a statement that conveys the specific direction of your decor. This one statement will be referred to many many times when designing or decorating your home, so it is very important to define it very clearly, and very early in the process.

This is not the same as a Design Style , though that is certainly part of the equation. Your style can be classified as Contemporary, Country French, Gothic, Mid-Century Modern, Traditional English or really whatever you like. Style is what dictates the general time period of your furnishings and accessories.

A Mid-Century Modern Style Loft

A Sleek Contemporary Style Den

A Modernized Traditonal Style Living Room

A second part of the Design Concept will be the feeling you want to create. Will the space be warm and cozy? Bold and exciting? Calming? Grand? Welcoming? Each room is different, and has a different function. Ask yourself what do you want your family and guests to feel when they enter this room, and note it.

Another piece of the Design Concept is the intention behind it. This is the wild-card and can further specify the direction of the room. Is this a showplace? Or somewhere much more casual and comfortable? Somewhere for entertaining, or to be alone in privacy? A room just for family or for all to enjoy?

Ask yourself all these questions early before you even think about buying anything. So, after you’ve answered these questions or defined these ideas, you may have something like

“Upscale Urban Contemporary”
“Modernized Balinese Comfort”
“Big and Bold Industrial Loft”

Guess what? You have just defined your Design Concept! Congrats!

So, now you’re probably saying why on earth do we need one of these? Well, this is what will help you form a much more cohesive design in your home. Before doing anything or buying anything for the space, ask yourself “Does this fit into my Design Concept?” This makes it much easier to coordinate items and furnishings and will heighten the look of your home.

Function is dictating form here, big time!

If the piece you are looking for fits into all the facets of your concept, by all means, you have found the piece for you!

Upscale Urban Contemporary Design Concept

Check out the image above. Each piece of furniture and each accessory in the photo is in itself ALL parts of the Design Concept: that is, each piece is Upscale, and Urban, and Contemporary. That is the reason why the room functions so well as a whole, not just the sum of its parts.

Casual Ethnic Comfort Design Concept

Give this a shot. This is certainly a more advanced notion than a basic “style”, but I’m sure you can handle it. Once you wrap your head around it, this will evolve the look of your home, and you’ll be glad you did!

For more info, and to see some more Design Concepts, check out my website.

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