The Mudroom

I really really love this idea: a functional entrance and exit to your house, not the grand one in the front, but maybe a smaller one on the side or in back. A less formal foyer, if you will. Easily accessible by driveway when you have packages. Somewhere to sit down, and put on or remove your shoes. A place for everyday coats and accessories. Once you have your own Mudroom, you won’t know how you got along without one!

The idea – as the name dictates – is that this is a place to remove boots caked with mud, so that dirt won’t be tracked onto your nice clean floors. Simple enough, as all good ideas are. This space has evolved into something even more useful, and at the same time, more beautiful too!

Here is a very good, well thought-out example. You’ve got some hooks for your coats, cubbies for your sweaters above, some drawers for accessories, a shoe rack, and a place to sit down to change footwear. The floor is tiled for easy clean-up with a throw rug for warmth underfoot.

The Mudroom above uses more of a locker system. Enclosed storage above holds more accessories like winter hats and gloves, and storage spaces with doors hold more coats which can be rotated seasonally. An office area was also integrated so everyone can check the internet on their way out the door.

This one is right up my alley. A Mudroom/Pantry combo! The room is easily accessible from the driveway and back door to the house, so there isn’t far to go with heavy bags from the market. There is a lot of well-planned space for fruit, vegetables, food items and wine! A fantastic and original take on the idea!

This is a great room if you’re very active. Minimalist decor, ample spaces for your helmets and sunglasses, and a great bench to change into your sneakers to go out and have some fun!

A far more chic option for the girl with lots of boots, hats and accessories. Labeled baskets above hold gloves, scarves and anything else you’ll need to walk out the door in style!

Here’s a great example for a rustic home in the woods or by a lake. There’s still room to change shoes, store a few shopping bags and a basket for the kids’ skateboards!

Whatever specifics you’ll want to include in your own mudroom will depend on what types of things you want to keep there, the activities your family does, and specific styles you like. Remember to include more storage than you think you’ll need (spaces tend to fill quickly,) ample room to sit down to change shoes, and somewhere close by to keep a broom and dustpan as well as a mop… these rooms are meant to get dirty! Enjoy!!

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